Asistente de planillas

Reportes de personal activo en planillas.Preparar y revisar las planillas, solicitar pagos, generar reportes para contabilidad y enviar comprobantes.

Revisión de las marcas de ingreso y salida.

Control de ingresos y egresos al sistema.

Seguimiento a pagos de las nóminas.

Presentación de la CCSS e INS

Asistencia en procesos y trámites relacionados con el departamento de Talento Humano.

Coordinar con supervisores el envío de nuevas incidencias (horas extras, feriados, vacaciones, etc)


Bachillerato de educación diversificada finalizado
Estudios en contabilidad ó finanzas
Experiencia en reportes financieros
Conocimiento de office intermedio

QA Programming

This position functions as the person responsible for the application of tests necessary to obtain adequate control of each system that is being tested, adhering to the appropriate practices.


Run an end-to-end test plan.
Execute test methodologies within team members
Anticipate potential software problems by creating comprehensive test scenarios ensure comprehensive testing
Document test results in conjunction with test plans.
Collaborate with documentation for each project feature and release for feedback review.
Manage the processes for moving test applications to production environments.
Work with end users to review processes
Any other responsibility assigned by the immediate superior

Required Skills

Clear communicator (written and verbal) – user-oriented attitude
Ability to focus on deadlines and deliveries
Experience with agile methodologies (Scrum).
Abstract thinking ability – define and work with various scenarios
Experience in quality and process management software
Experience with the complete software development life cycle, including design, testing, implementation and documentation of activities
Design of an end-to-end functional test plan to be implemented by the QA team
Translate the results to senior management along with the recommendations
Develop and manage quality assurance indicators (KPI) to monitor the performance improvement of all development teams.
Manage and supervise all activities related to the plan.
Make sure that all the objectives are met and that the solution works as expected
Coach tests methodologies within team members.
Work with Dev teams and your team of peers to identify and prioritize opportunities for automation.
Guide your team to maintain a strong vision for possible software enhancements.
Solve barriers to quality control that affect development team careers.

Additional Skills:
«• Work with Dev teams and your team of peers to identify and prioritize opportunities for automation.
• Solve barriers to quality control that affect development team careers

Required experience:
Minimum experience of 2 years in software development and quality assurance

Web Developer Jr.

Our Company is looking for a UAA Agent that meets the following requirements:

  • Access and role management in various systems such as, LDAP, Email, Network Devices
  • Server-level email management
  • Experience in monitoring and access control
  • Physical access control systems
  • English Proficiency 85% / Spanish Proficiency 100% Required
  • Knowledge of Information Security, Methods of Encryption, Knowledge in 2 Factor systems Authentication, VPN Technology Knowledge

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